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My name is Tara. My Instagram is Tmluvbug7 and I'd love it if you checked it out. I'm an Aries and

proud. I'm a fangirl who wants to travel to beautiful places and eat delicious food. I'm a hopeless romantic so expect a lot of cute memes and quotes. I'm obsessed with Owl City, Disney, nature, shipping things and fairytale endings. So if you have a deep seated wanderlust and love shows that have a touch of magic then you'll probably like my blog.



my health teacher has a sign in her room that says ‘if you cant handle the word vagina, then you shouldnt have your penis in one’

i wonder if my health teacher knows that shes tumblr famous 

(via sortinghat-)

e.e. cummings (via observando)

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It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.
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